Product families

Pneumo-hydraulic power unit Access

Pneumo-hydraulic cylinders (or effort amplifier cylinders) associate pneumatic speed with hydraulic strength. The ENERFLUID power units come in 8 different forms (UPS, UPP, UPK, UPH, UPR, UPZ, UPKZ, UPM-UPC).
These power units have strokes between 32 and 500 mm (depending on the models) with hydraulic strokes varying from 3 to 45 mm in any point of its stroke as soon as there is contact with the part. Effort from 1 to 500 kN. Possibility of magnetic detection, adjustment of approach stroke, or caliper work.


Multiplier Exchanger Access

An air/oil exchanger is paired with a pressure multiplier to obtain an approach stroke and a working stroke.

Air/Oil pressure multiplier Access

Enerfluid's Air-Oil pressure multipliers (also called boosters) are intended for any application requiring a high-pressure transfer of a determined capacity of oil.
Mainly used for the functioning of mini-cylinders or devices needing small quantities of oil and immediate high pressure. We carry various diameters (63, 80, 100, 160, 200) as well as five models of Oil/Oil multipliers.
Exit pressure 320 bars max with an entrance oil pressure from 32 to160 bars and a capacity between 48 and 230 cm3.
A model of water/oil multiplier is also available, allowing for a water pressure of 4000 bars max with an entrance oil pressure of 250 bars.


Air/Water multiplier Access

Enerfluid's Air-water pressure multipliers (also called boosters) are intended for any application requiring a high-pressure transfer of a determined capacity of water.

Oil/Oil Multipliers type 100 Access

Hydraulic operation, double effect or spring return.
These multipliers are used on machines with hydraulic systems,the pressure of which is not sufficient to control high-pressure locking sytem.

Multiplicateur Huile Eau Access

Pression d'entrée maxi: 250 bars
Rapport de multiplication 1/16
Pression de sortie maxi: 4000 bars
Cylindrée: 25 cm3

Echangeur Air-Huile et Réservoir additionnel Access

Utilisé comme  réservoir supplémentaire ou comme aide pour le retour d’un vérin double effet avec un multiplicateur de pression. Ou dans le cas d’un multiplicateur qui ne déplace pas le volume suffisant d'huile pour opérer des cylindres avec des capacités supérieures à ceux disponible.

Air/Oil hydraulic pumps Access

Mainly used to control a simple cylinder or double hydraulic effects, the PMPO comes in 3 models (base, base+discharge block, base with large reservoir).
The basic model comes in 2 versions (1/24 and 1/40) with a flow of 3 and 2 l/mn. It has a 3-liter reservoir and is controlled under air pressure between 3 and 8 bars.
The basic model can come with a discharge block and\or a 6-liter reservoir.
It is possible to order it with specific equipment- with a large reservoir or a drilled block with integrated hydraulic distribution upon request.


Hydraulic Speed Regulators Access

ENERFLUID Speed regulators allow control of all movements, the working speed, the acceleration as well as the setting and stopping phases in pneumatically or mechanically controlled operations. 3 series are available:
25 Series: works like a shock absorber. Maximum controllable load: 250Kg
35 and 40 Series: associated with an ISO cylinder, its reservoir can be in line or parallel. It allows for slow or fast movements in the rod output as well as in its input. Maximum controllable load: 300Kg (series 35) and 500Kg (series 40).

Hydraulic Cylinder Clamp Access

Can be used with an ENERFLUID pressure multiplier or pneumo-hydraulic pump. These cylinders can have a threaded body, a hollow rod, traction, a rotary bracket, cup spring locking, or a cartridge and can come in a single piece.
They work between 200 and 320 bars with a stroke between 5 and 25 mm
Maximum cadence: 30 Cycle/min
There are also an array of magnetic or not magnetic short-stroke hydraulic cylinders with piston ø from 25 to 100 mm. They have various supply types (Base, Front, Back and Lateral). The stroke ranges from 20 to 80mm.

Vérin RP ( Retour Pneumatique) Access

Associant la vitesse de l'air comprimé et la force de l'huile, les vérins RP ont été étudié pour ça.

Vérin ISO 6020/2 Access

Les vérin de la série ECT sont produit avec des matériaux de trés bonne qualité selon la norma ISO 6020/2.

Other Accessories Access

Other accessories such as locking tablets PSL, Mould Bolsters PS, and sequence valves are available in the ENERFLUID product line

Frame Press Access

Along with our range of pneumo-hydraulic cylinders or our pressure multiplier + cylinder sets, we have 4 large families of frame presses:
* Carbon-steel fabricated frame press with or without ram guide
* 2-column frame press with ram guide
* 2-column frame press without ram guide
* Swan-neck, thermal cut frame press

Note: We can adapt our frame press to your dimensions or technical specifications.

New 2014-2015 Access

Double-action cylinder with Pneumatic Return (PR)
Multiplier with large oil tank
Pneumo-hydraulic pump with a 3-liter tank
Pneumo-hydraulic cylinder with large hydraulic stroke
Oleo-pneumatic frame press

Our realizations Access

Some of our projects and services we can offer you.