The force of hydraulics using compressed air

In today’s industrial processes precision, product quality, and the reduction of idle time are essential to good productivity.


ENERFLUID is specialized in the conception and manufacturing, production and assembly of flange systems. They strive to increase production while cutting costs.


The power supplied by ENERFLUID  products is simple to implement and to check, and allows the use of hydraulic strength in devices and equipment for edging, riveting, clinching, marking, bending, clamping, shearing, calking, and assembly.


The ENERFLUID range includes pneumo-hydraulic power units, pressure multipliers, hydraulic speed regulators, hydraulic cylinders, and air/oil hydraulic pumps.


Since the end of 2012, ENERFLUID has worked in association with FLUIDEQ to distribute its products throughout the entire French territory.

To ensure the best service possible for customers who own a power unit, ENERFLUID created a European technical support center in January, 2014.


In January 2014 FLUIDEQ was chosen to be this support center and to ensure all the maintenance for these pneumo-hydraulic power units and to give any technical help that the customers could need on this type of component.


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For more than 10 years, the ENERFLUID power units have continued evolving technically in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and improve the performance of our cylinders

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Integrated directly on the PMPO, the distribution block can be attached to one or several hydraulic distributors.

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After more than 15 years as a key player with its range of pneumo-hydraulic cylinders, ENERFLUID presents its new series of NG "New Generation" power units

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Multiplication Ratio: 1/52
Cylinder capacity: 11 cm3
Speed: 1.5 l/min
Oil pressure with 8 bars of air: 416 bars