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Hydraulic Speed Regulators

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Hydraulic speed regulators (25RLE)

Rod entry regulation
3 strokes available (25-50 and 75mm)
Maximum controllable load: 250 Kg including the inertia of moving masses
Min and max speed: 10-3000 mm/min
Operating temperature: -10°C +60°C

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Hydraulic Speed Regulators Type35

Diameter 35
Stroke: 50 to 200 mm

2 Types of models
RL: with line tank
RP: with in-parallel tank

3 Types of regulation
U: Traction (piston rod out regulation)
E: Thrust (piston rod return regulation)
D: Dual regulation



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Hydraulic Speed Regulators Type40

Series 40: Combined with an ISO cylinder,its tank can be in line or in parallel.
It allows to obtain slow or fast movements as well in exit as in entry of rod.
Maximum controllable load: 500Kg (40 series).

Diameter 40
Stroke: from 50 to 600 mm
2 Types of models
3 Types of regulation

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