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Locking tablets PSL type

Used for the truck and slide locking
High effiency and immediate close
In case of lack of pressure, they concur a very low fiction during sliding
3 models available
Diameter: 22-30 and 32 mm
Working temperature: -10°C à +60°C

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Mould Bolsters PS Series

Mould Bolsters PS Series
For T-slot

7 models available
Support by spheres to position molds and/or systems on machine. Depending on the model, the number of balls varies (from 5 to 13 balls)
The force varies from 150 to 390 kN depending on the support used.

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Sequency Valves

These valves are inserted in circuits when it is necessary to delay the thrust of one or more cylinders with respect to others.
The cylinders return at the same rate due to the effect of by-pass in the valve.

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Distribution boxes

Allowing the connection between the multiplier and several cylinders. The oil inlet is in G3/8 and the outlets are in G1/8 or G1/4. Available with 4 or 5 outputs.

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