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Presentation Pneumo-hydraulic cylinders ENERFLUID

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Presentation Pneumo-hydraulic cylinders ENERFLUID
The Pneumo-hydraulic cylinder (or force amplifier) ​​combines pneumatic speed with the force of hydraulics.
The Advantages of one power unit ENERFLUID

* Pneumatic energy
* Absence of spring for a better efficiency
* High speed of approach and of return
* Automatic release of the stroke work in every respect of its stroke dice contact with the part.
* Regulation of the effort work
* Separation absolute of the air and the oil
* Taking of pressure for measure
* Assembly in quite position
* 10 forms in choices

4-phase operation

REST: Cylinder in rest position, the air arrives at ports 1,2 and 6.
APPROACH: As soon as the control valve switches, air supply to ports 3,4 and 5 (Approach stroke).
WORK: When the pneumatic rod encounters a resistant force greater than the pneumatic force of the cylinder, the cylinder passes into the work phase (hydraulic force).
QUICK RETURN: As soon as the control valve switches, air supply to ports 1,2 and 6 (Quick return).

Choice of pneumo-hydraulic Cylinder



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