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Presentation of UPM-UPC packages

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Presentation of UPM-UPC packages
In some cases, it may not be possible to install a pneumo-hydraulic cylinder for reasons of space. UPM-UPC assemblies were designed for these cases. They consist of two parts:

– UPC (Short Power Unit) is the cylinder part
– UPM (Multiplier Power Unit) is the amplification part

You can easily put the UPC part on the machine and the UPM part below or in a corner where it will not interfere.

The UPC is connected to one or more UPCs by one / or hydraulic hoses which depend on the one hand on the number of UPCs and also on the working stroke.

Choice of the Multiplier according to the UPC defines


E: Power  kN
TO:Sum of total strokes (If several cylinders) max in mm
TR:Sum of work strokes (If several cylinders) maximum in mm

tableau Presentation of UPM-UPC packages

Choix de l’UPM/UPC


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